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General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services in Calgary

Getting a simple dental procedure done should be a pleasant experience. At Lake Bonavista Dental Associates, we make it our goal to offer you and your family the best possible experience, whether you’re getting a root canal or a simple filling.


General dentistry prepares the foundation for great oral health. This area of dentistry generally emphasizes on preventing and highlighting the issues with the teeth and gums. General dentistry includes oral exams, fillings and all oral hygiene-related issues that require consistent and professional treatment to maintain a healthy visage. We also provide to our community in South Calgary, regular maintenance services and check-ups to keep track of your oral hygiene.

General Dentistry and Oral Healthcare

Our general dentistry services include:

  • Oral exams and check-ups

    Regular oral exams are a critical aspect of complete dental care for your family. Our team usually takes about 30-45 minutes to conduct your complete oral exam to identify and fix your dental issues, including cavity filling, cleaning plaque and tartar, among others. An oral exam is also imperative to highlight more deteriorated issues that might show up during your oral check-up.

  • Cleaning

    Visit your dentist regularly if you have long-standing plaque and tartar build-up issues to restore your teeth to their best condition. Tooth cleaning is a simple and effective practice, in the hands of experienced dentists that will leave you looking and feeling more confident.

  • Filling

    Filling is a general practice to restore damaged teeth with cavities and hygiene-related issues. It is advisable to get tooth filling done as soon as possible to stop tooth decay spreading to your nerves, which will require more expensive treatments like a root canal.

  • Extraction

    Whether it is a painful wisdom tooth or a damaged tooth that is beyond repair, tooth extraction may be required to provide comfort to the patient and avoid infection.

  • Root canal
    For root canal treatment, it is advisable to visit a trained dental team for quick and efficient work on degenerative teeth conditions. Our team routinely performs root canal treatments on young and old patients to provide relief and restore teeth that have been infected down to the nerves.
  • Teeth grinding (mouthguards)

    Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a condition wherein patients may grind their teeth consciously or unconsciously. This can lead to excessive tenderness and wear and tear. Also, the sound of grinding teeth may be slightly annoying to people around you. This innocent habit may lead to loosening of teeth and damage your jaws as well. We provide effective and easy mouthguard solutions to prevent tooth loss from grinding.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss your general dentistry needs with our team.

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